24 décembre 2008

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Visits Iraq

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar just wrapped-up a 3-day visit to Iraq to continue his peace mission with political and religious leaders and to oversee Art of Living's humanitarian initiatives in the war-torn country. Arriving from a visit to Jordan, Sri Sri landed in Baghdad on Dec-21 and met with Mr. Hussain Al Musawi, President of the Shia Political Council. The Shia political leader requested Sri Sri to continue his good work in Iraq and particularly bring in more doctors from India since the country faced a shortage in this regard.

Sri Sri agreed and pointed out that his foundation had already sent many doctors from India in 2003 soon after the war. "The Iraqi people have suffered so much. The Art of Living foundation will continue to help reduce / eliminate stress among them and train them up so that they are all empowered. We want all Iraqis to be joyful once again", Sri Sri said. Sri Sri later visited Art of Living's Women's Empowerment Centre and inspected all the facilities there that impart training to women in activities such as tailoring etc. Later in the evening, he attended a dinner hosted by Mr. Ahmed Chalabi, Chairman of the Iraqi National Congress and former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq and discussed ways to help the youth in Iraq. Sri Sri also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Youth Ministry to conduct women as well as youth empowerment programmes.

During his 3-day visit, Sri Sri also met with the Vice-President of Iraq and Ministers of Youth, Health and Justice and prominent religious leaders. He also visited Karbala where he met with the Governor of the province.