31 octobre 2010

Souper d'Halloween

The vegetarian cooking class took a spooky turn last night as Chef Pamela designed a unique Halloween Menu including brain salad, vampire blood soup, witches intestines, and chopped fingers... 

Chopped Fingers

Scary Food from left to right:
Eye Balls, Witches Intestines, Chopped Fingers,  Ghost Teeth, Vampire Blood Soup, Brains & Worms Salad

The menu was so scary it even attracted a few unusual guests who helped with the cooking:

Unusual Guests

Good times were had by all the chefs...who all went a little crazy at the end:

Group Photo

The dinner was followed by a most enchanting Satsang:

Satsang Preparation

See the full photo album here:

2010-10-30 Halloween Treats

Find the recipes to all these spooky treats online on our Vegetarian Cooking Class blog.

Thanks to everyone who made it a special evening!

Happy Halloween!