9 mai 2011

Stage d'agriculture biologique

Deepening Roots

Each year our International Centre grows incredible food - cucumbers that are so fresh they almost burst when you bite into them, strawberries we pick and eat warmed and sweet from the sun.

Our wonderful Sara-Michelle, intern in 2010, wrote for a recent newsletter, “Communities revolve around food. Restoring food production systems and being responsible for them has a tremendous healing effect on a scale larger than we know.” A local food production system means a community that is closer to the natural environment around it and closer to one another.

For many years the International Centre has been committed to developing a local food system. Every season we improve and extend its production. Six month internships are available from May to October every year and all are welcome, even just for an afternoon. Feel the dirt on your hands and eat what you’ve helped grow. It is your very nature.